Vinni Kiniki artist portfolio

Look yeh, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really want to write any words on my homepage, but felt compelled to do so out of SEO duty. Not that I don’t mean what I say, what I mean to say is this and most of the text you see on the website is secondary to the images presented. Throughout the website I’ll write a few comments about the art shown, more often than not there are too many words… why do we have to write so many words?

Having said all that…Welcome to the weird and wonderful art of graffiti artist for hire Vinni Kiniki. Use the words in the green selection bar at the top of the portfolio to filter through the various art portfolio projects showcase. For example, to display all the showcase articles about digital art click the tab that says ‘digital art’. Alternatively, scroll through the page to select a random image or photo that takes your fancy and you will be able to view photos, possibly videos about that given art project. There are also photo galleries dedicated to other art for example; Graffiti & Street Art, Black Light Art, Spray Can sculptures, etc….

All art featured on this website has been created by London based artist Vinni Kiniki unless otherwise stated. On this website there might be photos featuring work by other artists, efforts are made to credit other artists, in case of collaboration links are provided to the artist’s own websites or social media pages. This also applies to the photographers and videographers, models etc. If you do find content that does not feature rightful credit: please get in touch via the contact form so it can get put right.

Please share and comment where you feel appropriate, if you encounter any errors or would like to contact me, please visit the contact page. I am available for custom art and design jobs. Thank you for taking time to stop by 🙂

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