Vinni Kiniki artist portfolio

Welcome to the alien-powered black light art by street and mural artist for hire Vinni Kiniki. You are currently on the project page, above you will find selected projects, exhibitions and art jobs I have done, i update this section periodically and will be creating an archive of all projects. Currently the latest developement is an online art store where i create and sell my designs at affordable prices on t-shirts, coffee mugs and pillows, i will be adding original artwork for sale too.

To view photo galleries dedicated to other art for example, please use the menu where you can find galleries dedicated to Graffiti & Street Art, Black Light Art, Body Painting, Digital Design and my Artist CV.

All art featured on this website has been created by London & Bangkok based artist Vinni Kiniki unless otherwise stated. On this website there might be photos featuring work by other artists, efforts are made to credit all other artists and where applicable the photographer. I have also got some archived art pages such as Spray Can sculptures and Stencil art portraits made to order.

If you are interested to collaborate or hire me for an art project, please get in touch using the contact page. I am available for custom art and design jobs. Thank you for taking time to visit.

Everything you see on this website is ©vinnikiniki unless otherwise stated ✌️

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