A coronavirus art series created as mock-paranoid science fiction response to the global covid-19 pandemic, exaggerating some of the conspiracy theories which surround it.

I created this series in order to support and raise money for ‘NHS Charities Together’ – you can buy these designs on t-shirts, pillows and mugs and I will be donating 100% profit from all sales made to charity – you can find them in my online shop

Coronavirus inspired art series by Vinni Kiniki

The series depicts a fictional array of conspiracy-laden bio-tech warfare nano-units which are being excused and utilised as natural viruses in an odd future (not) coming soon. For when it comes to true control ‘they’ must have dominance over every cell in your body.

I am a big fan of science fiction, dark humour, Anime, comic books and I’ve always had a thing for medical illustrations – I think this art series which I call ‘human malware’ does well to reflect and pay homage to these inspirations. Though not quite sequential art (as it lacks comic cells or animation) I often like to incorporate a back story to the characters and pieces I create.

These were exhibited in a quarantine themed art show with the Art House Project London (“AHP Art Against Coronavirus Online Show“), they have been projected onto buildings, and are rumoured to be used in a computer game coming soon too,  you can find out more details of art exhibitions I have taken part in or organised on my artist CV.

I created these pieces by initially sketching them on paper, then redrawing the outlines on the awesome Leonardo app, I currently use a Surface Book 2 using the stock pen, the outlines were finished and I did the colouring in Photoshop. Finally I then added the glitchy effects using EZ Glitch and Glitcho (2 fantastic aps) on Android.

Enjoy, let me know what you think and if you like them I’ve left descriptions beneath them to explain what each fictional ‘virus’ is capable of, and are feeling thrifty, please buy, the profit is going to a good cause to help the NHS super heroes who are battling the deadly pandemic on the front lines.

DISCLAIMER: The designs and meanings are dark humour and tongue-in-cheek. It is not however my intention, nor am I in any way, shape or form mocking or playing down the global coronavirus pandemic – this situation is serious and people are dying as a result, I just hope I can make a small (or better yet) big difference with using my artist platform and creating art for social change.


corona virus inspired digital artHuman Malware v.1- ‘Covid Puppy Virus’

All it wants to do is play… sure it looks a little sick with boogers dripping out of his bug eyed eyes and port holes, but better out then in right? This puppy virus doesn’t understand the meaning of stay at home, it goes hard, it doesn’t go home, it goes viral.

Nicknamed the ‘puppy virus’ due to a playful appearance. However, the ‘puppy’ is deadly. In simple terms the ‘puppy’ reverts the infected victim into a child-like state unable to process anything remotely logical and serious. With an average size of 0.0000003 microns it is officially recorded as the smallest of the nano-units. There is no face or surgical mask currently produced capable of filtering it out, and no known substance to kill it. Buy this design on my online shop


virus inspired illustrationHuman Malware v.2- ‘Covid-69 aka Sexual Zombie Virus’

Did you know that there are millions of people infected with this cleverly engineered virus, it’s smart (as far as zombie’s goes). It’s spread via fluid exchange, droplets of spit, blood or other bodily fluids. Once the host dies they are re-animated, they are no longer being kept upright through traditional bodily function however, they are rendered and able to further infect others through a cleverly connected network of nano molecular bio-matter which essentially hacks and reprograms the traditional human tissue. Being in the class of extremophiles the only solution is containment of the hosts to prevent further spread to the non-infected population.

The ‘virsu’ drives the infected into a state of total lust, Covid-69 hi-jacks the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. As such the parts of the brain responsible for reproduction are ‘super-charged’ and the victim is left in a state of over-sexualized frenzy not being able to think or do anything else but find others to pass the virus onto through sexual means. Item available on my online shop


human-malware-digital-artHuman Malware v.3- ‘Viral Eyeball’ – It can C U but can U C it?

This is nano-tech at it’s most sophisticated, it has the ability to hi-jack a victims retinal and optic nerves. ‘They’ can now control what you see and can also use your eyes as a live-stream feed, effectively turning the host into a mobile CCTV (for when hacking mobile phone cameras became too unreliable due to poor reception – hello 5G!). Initially brought to public awareness through declassified military tech documents, an upgrade for super-soldiers. Some of the brave uber-weaponised soldiers reported seeing things on the battlefield that were not actually there, others claim the installed bio-upgrades glitched during combat revealing the true nature of their mission kill targets. This led to explain why otherwise normal soldiers were responsible for massacring unarmed women and children. Buy this design on my online shop


nature is glitching illustrationHuman Malware v.4- ‘Alien Virus’

Everyone knows there is a long-standing blood-pact arrangement between multi-dimensional alien entities and humans, isn’t it also curious that the government is so keen to debunk and denounce legitimate UFO sightings since the technocratization of mobile devices. The downside however, with outdated abduction techniques circa early 90s is that they are too slow, and usually the abductee tends not to live for very long which makes the synthesis of human experience laborious and expensive and available to only the upper echelons of the previously mentioned alien society, until one day one smart alien came up with the solution. Fast forward a series of shadow government meetings later and the alien particle was introduced.

A fusion of other-world biology and technology,The genetic make up is unknown or classified, but we do know it is by far the strongest extremophile currently recorded. Conspiracy theorists suggest it is used in tandem with 5G cell phone towers using the signal to transmit over 5 million data points of human bodily experience to the end user. The theorists maintain that sharing this ‘human experience data’ is part of an ancient shadow government pact between humans and the grey extra-terrestrials. And that it was implemented to supersede traditional methods of human experience harvesting which required cumbersome abduction methods which were becoming more exposed with the advent of mobile recording equipment and social media.

The end user (the grey aliens) is able to group multiple fields of human experience sensation-data-p0ints, there are multiple settings including geo-location, age, gender, just to name a few. All this experience data can be individually tuned to a achieve the ultimate multi-layered immersive co-existence experience. I mean can you imagine being a emotionless grey alien getting high of the feeling of experience from all the different types of experience in the world? You can buy this design on my online shop


coronavirus illustration outlines by Vinni Kiniki

Above the outline of the designs, i will be donating 100% of sales profit to support the heroes at the NHS and patients falling victim to the virus – you can buy them at my online art shop (profits are being donated to ‘NHS Charities Together’)


Coronavirus inspired charity t-shirts


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