Artist’s Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked professionally in a variety of mediums and formats; best known for creating large scale brightly coloured black-light murals. The murals feature self-invented characters who are used to express themes and bare statements on an ever-expanding series of topics.

Black light has a surreal quality which evokes a sense of otherworldly curiosity and wonder. I utilise black light in order to temporarily transport the audience to another dimension, a place where everything is structurally the same yet looks and feels completely different, and colours vivid and alive.

My work often contains symbolism and hidden meanings, covering topics such as; aliens, science fiction, body modification, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, zen philosophy, ancient symbology, conspiracy theory, fetish, gender, altered states, occult and esoteric knowledge, genetic modification and climate change

Currently I am exploring digital printing, in combination with UV reactive pigments. I have developed a technique that allows me to create black-light reactive prints. The prints are visible in normal light but also contain a secret layer of UV ink. This layer is revealed when the piece is exposed to black-light, this hidden layer is used to enhance the existing art or reveal a hidden image.

Creative collaboration is something I love doing. Thanks to these collaborations I have displayed my art on massive scale by having it converted into animated, projection mappings. I’ve had the characters I’ve designed converted and imported into the realms of virtual reality. I have painted live alongside musicians and DJs.

When I exhibit it is important to me that I invite the audience to a fully immersive and multi-sensory experience. I do this by incorporating elements of performance, cosplay, audience participation, special lighting, projection mapping, virtual reality. These elements blend seamlessly and are exhibited alongside or in combination with the painted and printed pieces I show. I do so in order to bring the whacky and surreal world that exists within my pieces to life, to cross over into the real world.

Thank you for taking the time to read by statement and visiting the website! If you need any further information please use the contact page

– Vinni Kiniki 2019


A list of selected clients (and places i have performed or exhibited) 

For any further information about any of the companies whose logos are displayed below please contact me for further information.

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A list of selected art exhibitions & features 

2020 – BBC Panorama programme; artist feature, Black light reactive mural, Broadcast in UK

2019 – ‘Tiny TAA’ Group show with the Temporary Autonomous Artists, London, UK

2018 – ‘Immersive’ Group show at the Psychedelic Society, London, UK

2018 – Ecology group show at W3 Gallery, London, UK

2017 – Live black light artist at Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK

2016 – Black light graffiti mural at warehouse party, London, UK

2015Graffiti Jam exhibition ‘recharge’ at Brownstone Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 – Live painting for ‘ReLife’ charity fundraiser, Gateway, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 – Live graffiti painting performance for Campari, W Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 – ‘Groove is in the Art’, Solo Show, Stencil Portraits on Vinyl, London, UK

2013Charity Mural for Camilian Home ‘Colour of the heart’ project, Thailand

2013 – Lush Charity event, Interactive art, Muse Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 – Audio / Visual collaboration group show, Farmani rooftop Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 – Lush Charity event, interactive art performance, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 – Stencil Portraits exhibited at Art on Vinyl exhibition, The Funhouse Gallery, Detroit, USA

2011 – “Paper trail performance”, Nospace Art gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 – Exhibition / Live Painting Performance, BKK Zero Festival, Overstay, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 – DUB, a series of Audio / Visual installations Bangkok, Thailand

2009 – Eureka Magazine, Artist feature, UK

2009 – Don’t Panic Media, Design competition winner, National, UK

2009 – Bizarre artist magazine feature, Worldwide

2009 – Audio performance, The Ashtray, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2008 – Audio collaboration art performance, White Trash, Berlin, Germany

2007 – “View my Privates” – Solo art show, Mountview 104 Gallery, London, UK

2006 – Stencil Portraits on Vinyl, Vinyl Art Cafe, London, UK

2006 – Mothra audio/visual performance at The Fortress, London, UK

2006 – “Shadow Trace” interactive installation, Crypt Gallery, London, UK

2005 – Solo Mixed Media Show, The Foundry, London, UK

2005 – Mothra – Analogue Monster, Live art performance, Guildhall, London, UK

2005 – “Vinyl Frontier”, Interactive Visual / Audio Show, London, UK

2004 – ‘Visual Live’ audio / visual art show as part of mini-festival, London, UK

2004 – Live Performance, group show, Crypt gallery, London, UK

2003 – Solo Digital Art exhibition, Putney, London, UK



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