Graffiti mural beach scene painted for a private client. 45m wide x 7m high, the piece spans 2 walls split into 3 distinct sections. The piece took 10 days to complete, the piece took extra long due to the nature of the surface that was painted on. The fibro cement wall had to be cleaned and primed and extra care had to be taken due to the dips in the walls surface every 1.2m.

tropical beach graffiti mural

The concept was to transform dull grey fibro-cement wall into what looks like a tropical beach graffiti mural appearing beyond a cracked wall. Above is the first panel I painted which measure approximately 15m wide x 7m high, no cherry pickers available, ladders all the way unfortunately!

tropical beach graffiti mural

The poolside piece (above) was the largest panel and had to include a horizon and 3D effect beech disappearing into the distance. With the pool being right next creates a killer reflection and when in the pool the art merges with the viewer.

tropical beach graffiti mural

The above shot shows the piece in progress. I painted most of the piece during the night due to the locations scorching daytime heat.

tropical beach graffiti mural

The piece is basically right next to the bedroom which is also poolside. A lot of care had to be taken to not dirty the surfaces as the house had already been fully furnished.tropical beach graffiti mural

In the photo above me for scale, having a relaxing moment at the beach and pool at same time.

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