cosmic cat nft art by Vinni Kiniki available on Opensea

The Cosmic Cat is a mythical celestial entity, a deity of enlightenment and universal consciousness.

It is far from malevolent, the Cosmic Cat’s goal is to encourage and steer psychonauts on meaningful, albeit playful journeys of discovery.

But, as all cats do, it too has razor-sharp fangs and claws and is quick to strike down individuals who disrespect its divine intentions.

This NFT is available as an animation and series of curated still images which capture the pinnacle moments from the cosmic cats trippy and celestial trip. Details below

Animated Cosmic Cat NFT

🐱 2021 ✨ Edition 1/1

⚑ Format: H.264 MP4
🎞️ Video: 15s, 29.97fps, 2000 x 2000 px
🎹 Audio: 15s

Available on Foundation

Still Images Cosmic Cat NFT

🐱 2021 ✨ Series of 33 carefully edited 1/1 Editions

⚑ Format: 2000×2000 pixel PNG file
🎹 Audio: Unlockable WAV file

Available on Opensea


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