When worlds collide; ViNNi KiNiKi x KEY-Z productions limited edition LSD blotter art prints, signed and numbered, each design limited to 100 copies.

Printed on lush high quality archival grade blotter paper using premium offset printing (meaning it is art gallery standard and will retain its quality). Each comes with a certificate of authenticity. As with all art it’s best kept out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture to retain its quality, I wouldn’t recommend dipping this sheet in actual LSD, and on that note, sorry to say, acid is sold separately!

On a chance encounter I came across Key-Z owned and run by Zane Kesey. KEY-Z is internationally renowned for producing high quality LSD blotter acid art prints.

With a trippy lineage, Zane is the son of famous author and counterculture icon Ken Kesey. Ken was one of the key icons of 60s psychedelic movement in America, a key proponent advocating the use of LSD. Ken was also known for forming the glorious Merry Pranksters group who notably travelled across the United States in a psychedelic school bus sharing the joys of LSD with anyone willing to take part in their famous “acid tests” involving live music performed by the Grateful Dead and associated psychedelic light shows.

A great gift for fans of psychedelia and trippy urban style psychedelic art or unique addition to your home, office or studio. Exposed to black light it takes on an extra trippy dimension that’s sure to become a great talking point, if you are not too busy tripping your ass off.