Body painting sexy Thai exotic coyote club podium dancers for Bangkok’s mega club ‘Insomnia’ now insanity nightclub 5th anniversary party!

Sexy thai silver body painting girls


Sometimes a graffiti artist’s work isn’t all painting walls, ceiling and floors…Sometimes artists get the privilege of body painting gorgeous Thai coyote bar girls for amazing club parties and getting V.I.P. treatment, last night was one of those nights for body painter and professional face painting expert Vinni Kiniki.

 “There’s something very special about painting people letting the art meet the beauty and then watching your mobile art piece meet the viewers and audience to create a full circle interactive collaboration and art exhibition rolled into one. In this example”

Vinni Kiniki was hired by Bangkok’s infamous night club and party venue ‘Insomnia’, now insanity nightclub, Bangkok Sukhumvit road. The order was a tall one, paint non less than 6 beautiful Thai coyote podium dancers, full body, head to toe, and do it all in the space of 4 hours!

Even for a seasoned body painting professional this is a tall order. However art challenges and pressure is what makes this artist tick, in his own words the artist says;

“It’s not every job where the client requests the artist to create full body paint coverage designs, some body art job only hire an artist to create small body paint design, admittedly it is a thrill every time I get hired to do full body paint jobs. This job was particularly amazing…it wasn’t just one full body that needed body painting, but 6! Furthermore all the Thai coyote podium dancers had to be painted within a very short 4 hour time period that kind of working pressure only adds to the adrenaline and thrill of the challenge.”

The club doesn’t usually incorporate body painting into its normal day to day operation, only on special occasions such as this one. In this case the club insomnia, now insanity nightclub,  was celebrating its 5th year of operation. (2013 edit – the club formerly known as Insomnia, now insanity nightclub,  is now known and has been rebranded as the club Insanity, you can find it near Asok BTS, Sukhumvit 14).

The body painting, hair styling, and MUA had to be carefully co-ordinated with the club owners and a series of meetings and sketch designs were discussed before the actual performance night. This is a usual procedure with most clients. A theme of metallic base colours along with matching silver, chrome and metallic accessories was decided upon. All body paint designs had to follow this basic principle. Also to reflect the qualities of the 5th year anniversary promotional and marketing material (flyer and online promotions) certain themes had to be incorporated. In this case the colours which featured on the promo materials were incorporated into the body painting designs; purple, gold and black along with a prominent display of the number 5.

“Each dancer was body painted from head to toe in a silver base colour and each one had a unique personal top layer of body art designs depending on how I felt as I was painting them. When I looked and talked to the specific dancer I got an impression of their style and personality and this influenced my top layer body art designs.”

A mixture of styles and designs was incorporated on the dancing girls body painting designs, a bit of a Jackson Pollock style paint drip and ink splash effect, or like dripping spray paint from a drippy graffiti piece, black and purple animal print; cheetah and tiger, zebra print. Stencil lettering and uv reactive paint (black light reactive paint), hints of golden flake effect and full body and hair sparkle glitter tones.…

“One of the main features was to incorporate the number 5 as it was club insomnia’s ( now insanity nightclub ) 5th birthday party event. So I based a lot of my designs around the original flyer which had a theme of swirls, purple, gold and silver. Being no stranger to body painting I knew the only way I’ll be able to complete this mammoth job in such a short space of time was to use stencils, sponges and a lot of speed! I’m not talking about amphetamines although I guess they might’ve helped also  In the end I managed to get the girls ready in time aided by a crew of make-up artists (MUA) and exotic looking fashion outfits specifically chosen for the girls, If I do say so myself they looked absolutely fantastic, a perfect mix of erotic, sexy, edgy and exotic. After that I managed to get a little VIP treatment at the club. I must admit the club itself and the people there are a lot of fun, It’s certainly worth a visit if you are in Bangkok and fancy a night with a bit of crazy. The club is one of the few places which can stay open till way late in the morning.”

Models and dancer performers decorated with body paint, extravagant hair styling along with exotic MUA is definitely a good way to make a bold statement and introduce an element of something fabulous to any kind of celebration or party. If you interested to have something similar to this at your party or celebration do get in touch. Send a message to the artist Vinni Kiniki.

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