Keep calm and carry on internet meme venetian snares art remix version lyrics inspired

Keep calm and carry on internet meme venetian snares art remix version lyrics inspired

The keep calm and carry on poster remixes has fast become an global meme sensation thanks to the viral power of the internet, here is the Venetian Snares art version, kind of… remixed by digital design artist Vinni Kiniki

The keep calm and… “insert your words or phrase of choice” phenomenon has been going on for some time now, it’s certainly not a new thing, in fact many people making or sharing these digital graphic posters over the internet don’t seem to realize that this was originally a printed poster popularized by the British government back in 1939 during the start of the second world war, it’s intent was to boost peoples morale, sense of power, sense of well-being, during a time when it was said that major cities in England would be coming under attack in the form of intense bombing attacks (after re-reading my words, i believe this “intense bombing attacks” is probably a Freudian slip, Venetian Snares fans will know what i’m talking about). I see a potential irony in the fact that many of us have been seemingly “bombed” (visually at least) by these graphic design posters in the form of countless mashup remixes which have spread virally over the internet like wildfire.  I admit I don’t know who originally brought the style, font, poster and lettering layout slogan back into focus in the past couple of years, but finally I cracked and I made my own take on the poster. I’m sure i resisted adding to the media virus for at least 10 years before contributing a version of my own, so perhaps by the time you read this it’s not really a meme anymore. let’s call it the remnants of visual virus, i hope this doesn’t re-infect…

…Well actually, it’s hardly my version, it’s more of a visual response to being influenced by lyrics and popular media, songs and slogans, in this particular one I had planet mu artist’s lyrical nugget stuck in my head. It’s hard to call it a Venetian Snares lyric per say because it’s more of a sample…So it’s more of a re-re-re-remix than a remix, either way it certainly will stand out and ring bells to any raver whose heard it’s rave like crazy vibe on the dance floor…Or more likely in the bedroom, Venetian Snares is not really the kind of artist who gets much dance floor air time, let alone airtime on the national airwaves, though it might be nice to see big radio dj’s playing this kind of breakcore / jungle / rave style mash up music, on the whole, it probably would not go down to well with the mass common pop-ulous… especially with sound snippets such as “take drugs, smoke crack rock, get fucked up” or the even more cute sounding “take your draws down and rape you” the later being a sample from a D12 song I believe… Anyway the Venetian Snares art or should I say Venetian Snares inspired art I post here is directly influenced by listening to a lot of the man’s surrealist brutal breakcore jungle mutant madness riddims, this sound lyric snippet is from a track called “Husikam Rave Dojo” which is definitely a fantastic rave / amen jungle track that deserves a whole heap of more airtime and rave time than it is possibly getting at the moment so says I. 


Venetian snares art


Lyrics / inspiration comes from the MASSIVE track by an musician in a league of his own genius Venetian Snares of Planet Mu records (and many other record labels)

Check the sound here or better yet buy the ep!

To find out more about venetian snares go dumpster diving on youtube to find out more about the keep calm and carry on check out the Wiki article

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