Vinni Kiniki character illustration published in Octopus art project book

Vinni Kiniki character illustration published in Octopus art project book

A sneak picture preview photo of artwork by Vinni kiniki featured in printed book in the theme of octopus inspired art. Available to order online, a must for Octopus art lovers

Digital octopus art illustration by vinni kiniki

Artist Vinni Kiniki has octopus art illustration published in a beautiful book made up of artists artwork submissions from around the world, the only guidelines; the final artwork image submitted for the final printed book must be

a/ heavily inspired by octopi or indeed feature or otherwise depict an octopus and

b/ the art submitted is meant for an large sized printed book, with a high quality glossy paper finish

c) must be badass piece of art.

Admittedly the last stipulation may or may not be an official guideline for artwork and designs submitted for this octopus inspired art project, but it is one that the artist Vinni Kiniki definitely kept in mind whilst designing the octopus art design. The style of art work submitted by Vinni Kiniki is a digital graffiti style colourful cartoon character octopusThe idea was to incorporate the artists graffiti tag in the arms of the octopus in a subliminal fashion, the tag is there but it is very secondary, the artist didn’t want the tag to be the prominent feature and ultimately distort the aesthetic balance of the image.

Sometimes during the design process crucial decisions are made and initial design ideas have to be amended and changed in order to perfect the image. In this case the most important think was to make a cool looking octopus, the rainbow coloured arms on the octopus was a process inspired decision, not initially planned also. Unlike most design work this is one piece where I could take decisions in regards to colour, style, background and overall final look of the art design.

The book is available for purchase at

vinni kiniki octopus art published book

The book was the brainchild of one Jinxi Caddel, Octopus enthusiast, art lover and promoter, tattoo enthusiast, founder of the ‘Out of Step Books’ publishing label, editor, and all round lovely lady.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the oppurtunity to take part in the project and have my artwork printed in the book. The final result of the printed book looks really amazing, the pages are printed very lush high quality finish and the whole book has got a very solid feel to it, and the art included in the book is breath taking, although I am biased because I like art and Octopi already 😉 However I would strongly recommend anyone to take a peak and get inspired by one or more tentacles of inspiration.

Eight arms of inspiration

To find out more about the book, amazing previews and submissions by the artist, the publisher Jinxi Caddel, and more good stuff I recommend checking out the facebook page at…

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