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If you are looking for a live graffiti artist to come and bring some colour and passion to your party look no further… Need an artist to paint your club interior? Want to hire a team of graffiti artists to set your party on proverbial fire? I can tell you where you can find someone to paint at your venue…\

Below are some examples of live art painted and created at various events by Vinni Kiniki to hire the artist go to the contact page

Live painting is somewhat of a passion of mine, I could write many essays containing many words about the subject, however for the sake of speed and directness I will try to limit myself to factual and non-esoteric descriptions of what I do. The basic premise is painting live at a given scenario where there will be an audience present to witness the act of creating of an art piece and sometimes with the option to influence and/or take part in the drawing and painting of the given art piece in question.

I like to think of what I do in the following way. It is a personal response of the artist who absorbs and interacts with surrounding people, vibes and environment in the form of a (usually) large scale art piece created depending on how the climate is changing throughout the course of the night or day. Obviously there will be a personal element to the creation I am not a complete conduit for channelling party vibes, but I almost always end up extending the invitation of creation of the work to others who surround me or at the very least allow them some input or means of expression. It’s not nearly as common as a DJ but the effects of painting live inside a venue I will argue are as positively charged and effective.

In summary I am as an artist available to be hired, rented, borrowed, blagged and stolen to take part at your event. I have done this many times before and I have long overcome my nerves of performing live in front of a huge number of people. These are tried and tested methods and I am self-sufficient enough to organise my needed materials wherever in the world I happen to be and on a budget to suit any club owner or club promoter.

Also most importantly about this live drawing affair, it has to be said that as an artist and creator I am MORE THAN willing to fit your theme and listen to your instructions. I can work to a brief or guidelines but if you are brief-less than be sure that I can come up with a concept that will wow the crowds. Sure this is in party ego talking, but I am writing cheques that my body can cash; I have done this many times, I was born on the party, I know how to conduct myself at any given social setting as a person and as an artist I am responsive and sensitive to the themes and ideas you are trying to convey at your event. Many artists become or ARE famous for drawing repetitive characters or logos, I hope that I will be known not for a single character or logo but for my presence of person and signature of style. Actually I don’t have a single style either, I am visually flexible like a chameleon, or better a squid,  I would like to be known as an artist of 101 styles born every single second that you blink.

How are these are pieces created?

Also it has to be noted that all the pieces you see above HAVE been created in front of a large audience of party goers, ravers, space-cadets and people,  over the course of the event time. This can range from a quick 1 hour speed draw to a 8 hour marathon of stamina and strength. Each piece has been described in the image description which you can see when you enlarge the photo. List of materials used by the artist to follow below. Sometimes the pieces are created just by one artist (vinni kiniki) sometimes by more than one artist, and sometimes the audience becomes the artist and the artist becomes the crowd. However usually yes, it takes a lot of stamina and paint materials. The piece can be guided by discussion or planning before the event or the promoter can throw his chips in the wind and let the artist have complete control over the process, usually in this case Vinni Kiniki chooses the ‘freestyle option’ but more recently he has been working from pre-meditated, pre-planned drawings.

artist painting UV black light neon live painting

Live painting artist Vinni Kiniki working with UV black light reactive paints and inks at Hi-Residency hotel for ‘Lush’ charity event, Bangkok, 2013

Materials used by the artist;

The materials I am using for these sometimes permanent art installations depends on where I am, how big the budget is, how much money I have personally to put into the project. The requirements of the client or customer, an obvious example is not to use spray paint inside a club full of people having a party, spray-paint fumes tend to do at least one of the following things to people; high, dizzy, nausea, vomit, cough, colourful ;) There is no situation I am aware of where live painting cannot be applied, and if there is I’d like to get given that job because I enjoy the challenge and the stresses and rewards that come with it.

List of common and not so common materials and tools used by the artist Vinni Kiniki;

Poster paint, acrylic paint, emulsion, spray mount, spray paint or spraypaint (leyland Asian brand possibly Thai own brand? Montana gold, montana black, Montana 94, belton, hardcore) glue, latex, wheat paste, primer, ink, alcohol (both for drinking and diluting inks), ink, spray-paint, scrap paper, posca paint pen, zigg posterman marker pens, chalk, masking tape, people, sellotape, cap convertors (especially in Thailand where spray cans need a sex change so I can use various pressure and flow control caps), spray can caps (pink fat, NYC skinny, loreal soft, actually too many to mention-abort). Pentel N850 permanent black marker, imagination


What about style?

As an ARTIST I think it’s important to be flexible and evolve and mash your style as much as possible, no one likes to be categorized especially artists, however if you want a simple answer then it can be said the artist Vinni Kiniki is noted for working in the following styles; Pop, art, pop-art, pop art, graffiti, grafiti, graff, cartoon, style, hip hop, urban, street, art, street art, stencil, wild style, graphedelic, psychedelic, freehand, free, freestyle, improvised, dada,

Vinni Kiniki live graffiti art photo

Where has the artist painted, painting, will paint?

I will paint wherever required, I don’t consider any painting or drawing request too weird, small or big. Everything is possible, and when it comes to live painting with an audience present everything is fun.

Vinni kiniki has painted live in clubs all over the world. Actually that answer is too simple, not just clubs, all sorts of venues have been hit by the colour cannon of kiniki’s work.

He has painted live on canvas, on poly-vinyl sheet, on vinyl sheets, on walls, on floors, on ceilings, interiors, exterior, indoor, outdoor, in the rain, on bodies…In Clubs, pubs, raves, squat parties, whore houses, rooms, entrance to party, chill room of club,  wall of fame, restaurant walls, full wall size, many meters, total coverage of your space,

For; Promo events, promotional nights, club nights, record release parties, art party, art installation festival, other festivals, art galleries, art parties, squat house, squat raves, squat parties, weddings, private parties, private hire,

He has performed live in the live performance capacity in many countries and cities all over the world; London, England, Uk, Glasgow, Scotland, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, HK, some honourary mentions of venues and promoters include; Braindrop (McMashClan)@ London Scala, London Bricklane, 93 Feet East, Nospace, RCA, Bangkok, Thailand, everywhere on the streets of Hong Kong , Wall of fame, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

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