Welcome and Greetings

A mission statement to all my buyers, friends, supporters, fans, investors, patrons and collectors – because I don’t accept a world, real or virtual devoid of ethics and morals.

Though I have a breezy veneer, I take my art practice very seriously, these are my 10 commitments and commandments I live by;

  1. I put in 333% effort and love into every art piece I create
  2. I state art editions clearly, if there are multiple or other variations of a piece you will know
  3. I treat my IRL art the same as my NFT art, everything is certified and authenticated
  4.  I do not make art to follow trends or butter up buyers, I make art because I am passionate
  5.  I did not start making art yesterday, I have been in the game a long time
  6.  I was born an artist and I will die one, to create is my reason for existing
  7.  I will continue creating, whether I make money or not, I love to use my art for charity
  8.  I am not good with flashy marketing; I keep it real
  9.  I will not bullsh!t you, you can trust in your investment, I’m here for the long haul
  10.  I will never use copyrighted material in my work, if I collaboration it will be stated as such in description

I believe being an artist is a blessing (and a curse), becoming established is affirmation of quality, having a stable platform means one is ready to help others, as such I almost always donate a percentage of my art sales profit to help those less fortunate. I have donated to various charities throughout my career and will continue to do so.

My word is bond.

Your truly,

Vinni Kiniki

If in doubt over anything please reach out to me, e-mail to receive other more direct means of communication like whatsapp/telegram – info@vinnikiniki.com

I am available for direct communication on most social media channels I am @vinnikiniki – https://linktr.ee/vinnikiniki

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