Urban street art jam session Bangkok Graffiti Thailand graff 2011

Urban street art jam session Bangkok Graffiti Thailand graff 2011

Urban Thai street art session Taling Chan District, Bangkok Graffiti Thailand graff 2011 (re-written in 2013)

A graffiti jam (graffiti battle, street art session, hang out, paint share, paint day) that happened in the Taling Chan district in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011. It featured prominent established Bangkok based Thai graffiti legends and players and Thai graffiti artists, upcoming new style street artists alike. The name list included, but is not limited to key Bangkok based graffiti artist players such as; Alex Mardi (Mr face of AMP crew), A.M.P. (amp tattoo and clothing syndicate of members), Bon (AMP crew), Abbie Original, Bonus (TMC), Mister Bows Graffiti, HAM (time machine crew TMC), Stor (storone NDR), Leo (TMC), Side (TMC), Punky DonkeyMask, Graffiti Thai Nef, international graffiti artist Vinni Kiniki (UK/Europe) and Cece Nobre (cannibal culture) (Brazil) – he also happens to be the organizer of the event which he dubbed as being called “Enter Soul: Meeting of the Styles”.

The Bangkok based street art graffiti session jam happened over the course of one day and was organised with the intent of having fun, bringing Thai graffiti artists together and for the filming of a documentary film about underground Thai culture in Bangkok, Thailand. The location has to be kept a secret however if you contact me personally I’ll happily explain or perhaps show you where it is, it’s a nice spot and even now in 2013 i hear about some Thai graffiti and international artists going down to add their graffiti street art painting to the existing collection.

Some of the artists you see in these photos are available for hire to paint your space, paint you walls, interior, mural and a lot of them happen to be very decent designers and other style artists also. Thailand does breed some amazing arts talent and it’s clear to see just by looking at these pictures and photos from the event just quite high the level of graffiti is in Thailand. The graffiti artists you see range from hard core graff artists who have been in the game for 10 years plus and newbie graffiti players who have been doing this a short while, perhaps some even less than a year, but all the artists are here to have fun and to help educate their peers, hang out, exchange painting tips and of course even if it is unspoken their is an element of competition in the air… It’s one of the things graffiti as an art form in general is all about. Stay tuned for more information about the individual Thai graffiti artists who took part in the graffiti jam. Information about the Bangkok underground film documentary and lots more…Interviews, photos, more graffiti in Bangkok and in Thailand.

Draw your own conclusion but I will tell you personally the Thai graffiti art scene is very much alive and is growing in popularity and is pro positive and non violent, unlike the graffiti scene I experienced and know in London, UK. I very much doubt that any bad things could happen by meeting a Thai graffiti artist down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night, in referebce to graffiti artists and writers in Europe i would not say the same statement. Long live Bangkok, and long live Thailand graffiti 🙂

Word by Vinni Kiniki Thanks for use of photos by Jeremy Sinismer

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