I enjoy painting aliens and twisted cartoons, but I do take custom requests…

illuminati alien graffiti vinni kinikiAlien Illuminati Conspiracy graffiti Old Street, London 2017 – A giant purple alien lady smoking a spliff surrounded by sand dunes and suspicious pyramids, painted on a freezing cold Winter’s day, roughly 7m wide x 3.5m high


Alien warrior queen graffiti by vinni kinikiAlien warrior queen graffiti, Leake Street, Waterloo, London 2017 – the Japanese font in the background pretty much says “Karma is a B!tch” – although the actual translation is far more eloquent.


alien graffiti enso zen pose‘Alien Enso’ – Finsbury Park, London 2017 – In Zen, ensō (円相 , “circle”) is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create with added alien graffiti lady posing bonus


alien graffiti girl topless riding a spliff by Vinni KinikiSexy Alien girl graffiti riding a massive joint, Leake Street, Waterloo, London 2017


sexy alien girl graffiti by vinni kinikiSexy Alien graffiti,  Alexandra Park, London 2017


giraffe graffiti vinni kiniki art LondonAbove, Is this what is looks like when a giraffe takes acid? Graffiti down Leake Street Tunnel, London, 2017


rasta rabbit graffiti vinni kinikiRasta rabbit having a spliff, graffiti down Leake Street Tunnel, London – speed paint – 30 mins


sexy alien girl graffiti by artist Vinni KinikiAbove sexy alien girl graffiti painted by Vinni Kiniki in London Leake Street Tunnel 2017


alien graffiti piece on gallery building Above alien graffiti “give peace, love and happiness” on gallery building 2016


radioactive squid black light graffiti muralAbove radioactive green squid black light reactive graffiti piece, Bangkok night club 2016


vector style graffiti mural by vinni kinikiAbove vector style graffiti piece for Nest night club, Bangkok, 2015


abstract graffiti muralAbove kitchen graffiti mural abstract style, Bangkok 2016


cute graffiti muralAbove cute graffiti mural for a children’s home, Bangkok 2015


cherry blossom tree graffiti muralAbove ‘Sakura’ mural, Cherry blossom tree mixed media mural in office location


spray can cap character street art by Vinni KinikiAbove hip hop style spray can character London Leake Street Tunnel 2017


bedroom graffiti mural by vinni kinikiAbove bedroom graffiti featuring bunnies and elephants as per clients request


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More graffiti gallery

Below is a gallery of selected graffiti / street art works from the past 5 years or so, some of the pieces are commissions others are just for fun.

Below are some videos taken from my youtube page where you can find graffiti time lapse videos, fine art murals and graffiti pieces and videos documenting painting process.


Painting alien graffiti mural in Bangkok for street art party event


Graffiti font mural commission for DARE MMA fight sports in Bangkok Thailand


Japanese style cherry blossom tree fine art mural painting for Japanese restaurant commission


To hire me for your event or to create custom graffiti – contact me using the link below. Speak soon, cheers!

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