Find Vinni Kiniki professional artist for hire London – Bangkok

Where? Click on the main titles below to get into the detailed portfolio for that subject or scroll down to see a cross section of all art created by the artist Vinni Kiniki. 

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Spraycan Sculptures – Click here to see portfolio page of spray can sculptures created by the artist using; spraycans, mixed media and other found objects.

Live painting performance artist – Vinni Kiniki does a number of his paintings in a live context on a variety of canvas including large scale wall murals and human bodies, check out his detailed gallery here.

Murals, graffiti art and large scale street art paintings on walls – Vinni Kiniki is an experienced mural artist who can work in many different styles, he has painted murals in private locations such as; bedroom walls, garden walls, house as well as public location such as; restaurants, hotels, bars, performance venues, night clubs, check out his portfolio of work and information on how you can hire a graffiti artist to paint at your location.

Stencil art

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